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LLC: the sound of resistance

Resistance is a pop protest song for the Trump era.  Over dark pianos and thundering beats floats a voice both forceful and fragile.  It has an unavoidable social message, but it’s not all anti-Trump.  There is a surprisingly optimistic quality despite the anxiety of the times.  The music video, out January 20th (one year into Trump’s reign) is full of grainy historical footage of political protests, powerful movements, and iconic leaders that helped shape the world.

“The song definitely came out of anger and frustration,” says singer Donnie Stemp, “but it ended up feeling hopeful.  Ultimately, it’s more about resisting division, and not about one particular person or group.” It is a call to arms that imagines a mass of citizens, “with whole hearts and whole minds” overcoming the dark force that has overtaken America.

The song has added significance for producer/bandmate Jonathan Mahan, who originally composed the track for Justin Beiber.  “What started as an infectious dance track, in what I now call the ‘dark ages’ of my life, became an inspiring anthem that has accompanied my recovery and newfound clarity.”

LLC was formed when a newly sober Mahan needed a place to crash as he rebuilt his life. The cabin behind Donnie’s house became that place. It quickly transformed into Studio B, as they began writing and recording new songs, developing a style of socially aware pop music that took them both by surprise. The heavy topics, reminiscent of the cultural upheaval of the late 60’s, span politics, death, natural disasters and climate change, with some love songs thrown in for good measure. The result is their full length debut album Something’s Gonna Happen Sometime set to be released in summer 2018. Resistance is the first single. 

It’s not the 60’s, and maybe a political pop song from a new unknown band can’t alter the course of history, but every voice speaking and singing out can only add power to the Resistance.



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